(Good for our game)

Our colleagues in southern Northern Virginia, the Potomac Nationals, recently announced plans for a new ballpark off I-95 in Woodbridge. This development has been a very, very long time coming and can only be positive for the baseball business of our region.

It’s interesting to note – to borrow from living legend Vin Scully (and everyone who's ever impersonated him) – that the solidification of the P-Nats in Prince William means that Loudoun’s only option for professional baseball is an independent (non-affiliated) club, like your Hounds will be in the esteemed Atlantic League.

Why? Good question. Has to do with territorial rights. For an affiliated team to call Loudoun home, it must obtain permission from the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles of MLB, not to mention a couple (2) minor league clubs. Not bloody likely.

Regardless, it’s long-awaited positive news for our friends down there some 35 traffic-clogged miles to our south, and we heartily commend them on their achievement.

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