Front Office

(The utility infielders who wear business suits)

The Loudoun Hounds Professional Baseball Club is brought to you by a veteran team of professionals. The players in our stacked lineup cover all the bases, playing multiple positions while demonstrating a capacity and desire to excel in every aspect and exceed every goal.

And they’re all chomping at the bit to make the Loudoun Hounds the unparalleled best at everything.

Every day, these hard-nosed gamers gather ‘round as a single unitary team and step into the Batter’s Box, an internal program fashioned as a function of the Hounds Way. As the looming Houndhead in the office lobby stares down approvingly, the ensemble coordinates the day’s gameplan, takes a moment to learn a little something about each other and those who support us, and read aloud from our Standards of Service.

We really do this at the ignition of every day. Stop in and Join The Pack. You’re Hounds too.

The Hounds’ territory is wide and expanding, but like any good pack of Hounds worth its kibble we always know where our homebase is.

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